Sunak flunks first electoral test as Labour wins ‘best ever’ by-election result

LABOUR has hailed its victory in the Chester by-election as a “clear message” to Rishi Sunak and his government.

The results of the City of Chester by-election saw Samantha Dixon win with a 10,974 majority, and a 61% vote share. This is Labour‘s best ever result in the seat.

Sir Keir Starmer, Labour leader, has said his party’s victory demonstrates that the public is “fed up” with the Tory government. 

He tweeted: “Huge congratulations to @CllrSDixon (Samantha Dixon) who will be an excellent MP for City of Chester.

“The message to Rishi Sunak’s Conservative government is clear: People are fed up of 12 years of Tory rule and want the change Labour offers.

“It’s time for a Labour government.”

It is the first election the Tory Party have contested since Sunak became Prime Minister. 

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Although Labour were expected to keep the seat, the increase in the vote margin could signal trouble for the Conservatives if similar swings were replicated across the country. 

Speaking after her victory, newly elected Labour MP Dixon said: “People in Chester and across our country are really worried.

“Worried about losing their homes because they can’t afford the mortgage repayments or the rent, worried about whether they can put the heating on, worried about whether they can put food on the table for their families.

The National: Samantha Dixon won the seat with over 61% of the vote shareSamantha Dixon won the seat with over 61% of the vote share (Image: Danny Lawson/PA)

“This is the cost of 12 years of Conservative government. The government which has wreaked havoc with our economy, destroyed our public services and betrayed the people who put their trust in them at the last general election.”

She added: “Tonight, the people of Chester sent a clear message to the Conservative government.

“They have said unreservedly that Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives no longer have a mandate to govern.

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“His government has broken the promise that each generation should do better than the last.

“His government has no ideas, no plan to address the big issues facing our country.

“His government is on borrowed time and people want to change.

“It’s time for a general election and it’s time for a Labour government.”

The by-election was called due to the resignation of previous Labour MP Christian Matheson. 

Matheson stepped down after the parliamentary watchdog recommended his suspension for “serious sexual misconduct.” 

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