Lime must address e-bike dumping, Islington councillor urges

E-bike dumping is obstructing pedestrians and is “becoming too much to bear”, according to a Bunhill councillor. 

Cllr Valerie Bossman-Quarshie said companies such as Lime must take further steps to address the issue of “ride-and-dump culture”, which has made pavements less accessible for pedestrians, particularly for those with mobility issues. 
She said: “We have more people walking and cycling, which is brilliant, but we need pavements to be shared so we need better storage for hired bikes.  

“Islington Council is investigating for local people to have liveable neighbourhoods and many locals do take pride in where they live. We want Lime users to help Bunhill to be more liveable by not dumping bikes everywhere.”

Hal Stevenson, senior public affairs manager at Lime UK, said, “We understand the importance of not obstructing pavements and other shared spaces, particularly for those with access needs. In recognition of this we have introduced a number of policies to more effectively manage bikes parked inconsiderately in the borough.  

“We are focused on working with the council to further improve user parking in the borough through these policies ahead of the launch of dedicated parking spaces for shared e-bikes, which will provide a long-term solution to these issues.” 

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