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Everyone wants that perfect Christmas memory and a blanket of fresh snow would have made this year’s Kingston’s Christmas Market truly perfect. 

Every year, from mid November to mid December, the Kingston town centre offers a variety of Christmas stalls and shops selling a range of trinkets from wreaths to crystal ornaments. People flock to these stalls in hordes, eager to buy a souvenir or feast on some baklava. Whether they are locals or newcomers, the Market is a place for l everyone to enjoy Christmas festivities and that is exactly what occurred this year.


After the unfortunate cancelling of the Market last year due to COVID-19, it has since made a delightful recovery and welcomed a swarm of people waiting to buy Christmas presents at the widely recognised Fair. There was a diverse population crowding the streets this Sunday, people of all ages were keen to see what the market had in store. A newfound respect for the hard work put into each item being sold began to grow in the eyes of the customers as some stalls were given more attention than others, the trend being novelty items sold better than common items such as ornaments or even handmade wreaths. 


To accommodate the large number of people at the event, a cafe was set up inside the marquee where people were seen being constantly supplied with coffee and alcohol, as well as a vast amount of food stalls both inside and outside the tent. While walking through the Kingston High Street, people could be overheard recommending the “lively” event to their friends and already making plans to visit again soon. 


Overall, the Kingston Christmas Market was a resounding success in its first week and with three more weeks of festivities left, it’s clear the fun is just beginning. 

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