Drop in Covid vaccine numbers ‘down to supply’ – Jason Leitch

Scotland’s national clinical director Jason Leitch said the reason for lower vaccination numbers across the UK in recent days was due to supply.

Asked about the UK-wide drop in the number of jabs administered, he told BBC Radio 4’s PM: “It is supply, is what is going on.

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“I wouldn’t call it a supply problem – it is completely predicted, we knew it would happen. (For) Pfizer in particular, but also AstraZeneca, the supply is lumpy, forgive the expression.

“We don’t get nine million doses on a Tuesday – we get 15,000, then we get 150,000, then 7,500 – so it comes in dribs and drabs, so you have to adapt your demand to that supply.

“And Pfizer made a decision – the right decision – to close a bit of a factory in order to massively upscale their production … so the end product is still coming, the 110 million doses, but they are just coming in a lump over a period of time.

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“So we will get back up to those big numbers – we can do 400,000 a week, we just need the supply.”

As of Tuesday morning, 1,465,241 people have received the first dose of the Covid vaccination and 43,203 have received their second dose.

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