The Balearics boasts 11 Michelin star restaurants

There is so much more to the Balearics than sun, sea and sand, there is also excellent food and the islands boast 11 Michael star restaurants, one of which is owned and run by the British chef Marc Fosh who has been based in Mallorca for nearly 30 years and some hail as the chef who sparked the fine dining revolution in Mallorca.

The restaurants: La Gaia – Ibiza, Es Tragón – Ibiza, Voro – Mallorca, Adrián Quetglas – Mallorca, Abdreu Genestra – Mallorca, Bens d’Avall – Mallorca, DINS Santi Taura – Mallorca, Es Fum – Mallorca, Maca de Castro – Mallorca, Marc Fosh – Mallorca and Zaranda – Mallorca.

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