Germany’s parliament recognises Ukraine’s 1930s famine as ‘genocide’

Germany’s parliament has approved a symbolic resolution recognising the 1930s famine in Ukraine as “genocide”.

Known in Ukraine as “Holodomor” – meaning murder by starvation – the famine is believed to have killed over 3 million Ukrainians under the repressive rule of then-Soviet leader Josef Stalin.

Some historians claim Stalin purposely orchestrated the famine to eliminate the Ukrainian independence movement. Others say Holodomor was the result of the Soviet Union’s botched policies to collectivise agricultural land.

According to the resolution brought to the Bundestag – Germany’s lower house of parliament – by the three parties in Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s governing coalition and the main opposition bloc, “the mass deaths from hunger were not a result of failed harvests; the political leadership of the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin was responsible for them.” 

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