Four-year-old girl witness to parents’ violent argument

The National Police report having arrested a 29-year-old Spanish woman on Sunday night for assaulting her ex-partner in the presence of their four-year-old daughter.

Police were called at around 10pm to the incident on C. Gabriel Llabrés in the Pere Garau district of Palma. The woman had gone to her ex-partner’s apartment in order to collect the girl. An argument then broke out in the street.

The woman punched and headbutted the man and took out a screwdriver that she attempted to stick in his stomach. He required treatment at the nearby PAC, while she was arrested and charged with domestic violence.

On Monday, she appeared in court. The father called for a restraining order, but the judge chose not to apply any measure. She was released. The girl was in the care of her father on Monday, and on Tuesday her mother picked her up from school.

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