Meet the WA teen who’s walked 500km plus for Telethon

Plenty of people talk the talk when it comes to raising money for charity. But Scott Guerini walks the walk.

The 15-year-old Southern Cross local has just completed his annual 42.9km Telethon fundraising marathon. It was his twelfth year completing the challenge — and his eighth walking more than 40 kilometres.

The plucky teenager has been completing the track every year since he was in kindergarten. After learning about fundraising at school, he decided he wanted to do something to help WA’s sickest kids.

The four-year old decided to walk 25km from his family’s Southern Cross farm to town.

“It was the hardest thing I could think off when I was four — so I thought I’d do that,” he said.

The tenacious little boy covered the distance in under nine hours.

He’s come a long way since then — more than 500km, to be exact.

“This year, It was really difficult – my asthma was playing up before hand,” he said.

My parents said I could cancel but I didn’t want to, I’d already raised the money.

“I knew it wouldn’t matter how fast I did it.”

Over his 12 years of fundraising, Scott has raised more than $195,000 for Telethon.

But he has no plans on stopping — by the time he turns 90, he wants to crack $1 million.

“I would love to get to the $200,000 mark this year, though I don’t know if I will,” he said.

This weekend, the 15-year-old will also be completing his fifth 50km Treadmill Challenge. In this feat, he hopes to complete 50km one day and 50km the next. Last year, he did 90km over two days.

In 2017, Scott published a book titled Did You Know You Can Change the World? Proceeds go to Telethon.

Its this ethos — that anyone can step up to help the less-fortunate — that keeps him going on his long-distance treks.

“Even when times are tough, it’s always really good to dig deep and do what you can,” he said.

“Everyone can make a difference”

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