Bus stop ‘Banksy’ revealed

When images of emus and kangaroos started popping up on the bus stop at Cape Burney, locals were intrigued as to who the mystery artist was.

Neither the City of Greater Geraldton nor the Public Transport Authority knew who it was, but the latest instalment has shed some light on the Burney Banksy saga. Brian Clow, owner of Midwest Signs and Murals, fessed up to the artwork, leaving his phone number on the bottom of the newest piece.

The murals popped up over the course of a few months, starting with the sides, before the road-facing wall was adorned with a mural dedicated to the local bushfire brigade.

However, it wasn’t his idea. Clow said he was contacted by an unknown benefactor, who commissioned the murals out of his own pocket.

“Just a local bloke from the area, he’s about 80 not out. He said, ‘we’ve got this old bus stop here, how about brightening it up’?”

While the mystery man had some ideas for the bus stop, Clow said he was given a lot of creative freedom.

“I wanted to create a really Aussie scene,” he said.

It’s not the first time Clow has been commissioned by the anonymous patron. He was also responsible for the ‘Welcome to Cape Burney’ sign, which greets visitor on the way into the suburb on Greenough River Road.

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