Apple Airplay 2 vs Chromecast vs Spotify Connect: which is best for you?

Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast and Spotify Connect rule the roost when it comes to music casting technologies. All three are capable of excellent results when streaming music from a smartphone or tablet to your wireless speakers, but they’re significantly different to use and favour different technologies. 

Given the choice, which music casting technology is the right one for you? Let’s dig a little deeper…

Apple AirPlay 2

airplay 2 working on a range of apple devices

(Image credit: Apple)

Versatile AirPlay 2 is a first class music streaming technology, albeit for Apple users only. It enjoys broad hardware support with lots of AirPlay 2 speakers on the market and has a useful whole home audio option. Lossless audio quality is high, but it can impact your mobile’s battery.


  •  Built into every Apple iPhone and iPad 
  •  Whole home audio mode 
  •  Lossless audio quality 


  • Apple only
  • Puts a strain on your smartphone battery
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