Seattle Kraken’s newest tradition: Explaining the postgame salmon toss

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The Seattle Kraken are the newest addition to the NHL and their inaugural season means the team gets to work out their identity and create traditions that will continue for years to come. One of these traditions is the postgame salmon toss, where Kraken players throw salmon over the glass to the fans.

No real salmon were harmed in the making of this tradition, as the fish used are fake. For those who have missed the hilarious new postgame ritual, here is what it looks like:

This puts the T-shirt cannon to shame.

Seattle has made sure to pay attention to every detail. Even the team employees who hand out the salmon are dressed in fisherman outfits. Being on theme just makes this whole thing even better. 

For anyone not familiar with the city of Seattle, fish markets there are a major attraction. The Pike Place Market is a Seattle staple, and there you can find workers tossing fish to each other as customers are ordering their seafood.

The Kraken are taking some of the most famous parts of Seattle culture and incorporating it in their traditions and the fans seem to love it.

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