Tom Brady says he’d trade two Super Bowl rings to have beaten Giants and finished 2007 season undefeated

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Tom Brady is as sure of a Hall of Famer as there is active in the NFL today, but even his incredible stats and records have certain blemishes on them. His most notable happened in 2007, when a perfect season was dramatically cut short thanks to a New York Giants team of destiny that defeated Brady and the Pats Super Bowl XLII , leaving New England with an unceremonious 18-1 record on the year — and no ring.

This is something that even Brady agrees with, so much so that in a recent interview he noted that he would trade two Super Bowl rings to finish that season 19-0 and hoist the Lombardi trophy in celebration.

“I would 100 percent,” he said when asked about this during NFL Draft-A-Thon, a fundraising effort by the league to support pandemic recovery.

Now the question becomes which rings in particular he would trade in exchange for that perfect season.

You have to imagine a couple of the easy ones to rule out are his first one, and his historic Falcons comeback, but … which ones matter to Brady the least? Maybe it’s 2019 against the Rams, where it was mostly Julian Edelman willing New England to victory. Perhaps it’s the one against the Seahawks, because the hero was Malcolm Butler instead of himself. Or maybe he just doesn’t remember the win against the Panthers enough to care about that one. 

Whatever the case, this is a purely hypothetical situation that can only lead to some goofy speculation as I just laid out. Besides, there’s a pretty important person who sort of has a problem with the framing of the question to begin with.

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