Birthday Present Ideas For A Dad Who Doesn’t Like “Stuff”

Now we all have that person in our lives who is a nightmare to buy for, right? Someone who never likes clothes or gadgets or household items, and never seems to give you much of an idea of what they do like? Well mine is my Dad, so in case yours is the same here are a few ideas for birthday presents you can get for a Dad who doesn’t like “stuff”!

A Day Out

What’s not to like? My first go to gift is always a day out somewhere, be it bowling, paintballing or a trip to the horseracing. There are seasonal specialties to consider like ice skating or a day at the beach so have a think about the time of year you are looking at. Your Dad’s favourite sport or sports team can also be a great place to start, and can often lead to an amazing and thoughtful present that is sure to be enjoyed. You don’t have to have the winning ticket with Rosehill racing odds on a day of horseracing for the trip to be worth it; simply having the opportunity to spend some time together and experience the event will be a gift enough! For someone who doesn’t like “stuff”, experiences are all the more special.

Keep in mind that the day can be relaxing as well, like a massage, or more adventurous like rock climbing or white water rafting so why not treat the old man to something different today.

A Night In

Not always considered the most exciting, but why not try cooking something new, getting a few games of cards played and some quality time! Not sure if that’ll do it? Try adding in a subscription to something he likes, from whiskey or wine tasting to a cheese or steak of the month, there are many fantastic options out there to appeal to different tastes so check it out. You’ll be amazed how much you can make his birthday with his favourite foods, something he likes to drink and an evening hanging out doing whatever he likes to do!

A Night Out

A good old night out on the town can be a wonderful gift, enjoying a tasty meal and a few drinks, taking in a play or show. Gig tickets are another favourite of mine, one year sending Dad to see Foo Fighters at Wembley (with myself of course!) A ticket to see a favourite band or artist can be a truly memorable gift and experience to last a lifetime, way better than a new pair of socks.

A Trip Away

With so many bargains and deals these days a holiday doesn’t have to break the bank to be a thoughtful gift. With city breaks, caravan holidays and even camping there are so many options to choose from and would definitely lead to a birthday gift your Dad would never forget. Have a look at cheap flights, all-inclusive offers or voucher deals and see what you can find.

So from loads of great day and night activities, like tickets to see bands or sports, to subscriptions to holidays away there are many “things” you can still get even for the Dad who doesn’t like “stuff”! Each Dad is different so have a look at some of the ideas given to see which match yours. Work out if he is in need of a chilled one, an exciting one or a little indulging and get clicking now.

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