Woman loses ‘half her bum cheek’ to flesh-eating infection – symptoms to spot

How common is it?

The infection is rare. Only around 500 people a year are infected in the UK. After her experience, Lesley now wants to raise more awareness of the condition and wants to encourage people to turn their attention to the Lee Sparks Foundation, set up after the death of 23-year-old Lee Sparks in 1999.

The charity was set up by Lee’s mother Dee Cartledge and his father Stephen Spark. The charity raises awareness and shares information about the infection.

Interim executive medical director, Dr James Crampton said: “Our teams are highly trained and skilled in quickly diagnosing conditions, even those that are rare such as necrotising fasciitis. Once diagnosed, prompt action is taken to treat the condition which can include antibiotic treatment or surgery to remove the affected tissue.”

Meanwhile, Lesley’s recovery continues with the support trained medical personnel.

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