The best bath towels to make bath time feel that little bit more luxurious, including all the best Black Friday deals

Cons: Some reviewers reported that they lost their softness slightly over time.

Customers are saying: The cotton from Turkey makes them reminiscent of luxe hotel towels and the colour doesn’t fade with frequent washing.

Material: 100% Turkish cotton
GSM: 730 GSM.
Size: Hand towel, W50 x L100cm, Bath towel, W76 x L137cm and Bath sheet, W90 x L165cm.

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Best place to buy bath towels with patterns

Pros: With reviews claiming they’re beautiful and soft towels, the Merida towel collection from Anthropologie not only looks like a major wishlist item, but is washing machine friendly and made from Oeko-Tex certified textiles.

Cons: You can’t buy these towels in a six piece towel bale (or any number for that matter) and they’re not available in a guest bathroom towel (medium) size.

Customers are saying: No less absorbent that non patterned/striped towels, they’ve kept their colour over the years and have a luxurious feel.

Material: Cotton
Size: Hand towel, bath towel

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Best bath towels for baby

John Lewis & Partners Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel

Pros: These bath towels have an accessible price point, while retaining a very luxurious look and feel. Some of the best we’ve tried, they come in over 40 colours (!) and a whole plethora of sizes, meaning you can pick up a couple of smaller towels for your little one.

Cons: Some reviewers do report a small amount of shrinkage after a handful of washes, but they’re super soft either way.

Customers are saying: Still look great a long time after buying and they’re oh-so-snuggly.

Material: 100% Egyptian cotton
GSM: 700 GSM.
Size: Face Cloth, L33 x W33cm, Guest Towel, L65 x W40cm, Hand Towel, L100 x W50cm, Bath Towel, L135 x W70cm, Bath Sheet, L165 x W90cm and Extra Large Bath Sheet, L180 x W100cm (available in selected colours).

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Best bath towels on Amazon

Sazy Harry Jacquard 100% Turkish Cotton Towels

Pros: We love a jacquard print and these ones from Amazon are subtly patterned to keep up that crisp, clean bathroom feel, while also being a good conscience purchase from a small business. They’re made from high-quality Turkish cotton and can be both machine washed and tumble dried, dreamy.

Cons: No free delivery through Wayfair.

Customers are saying: N/A

Material: 100% pill-resistant (non-shedding) Turkish cotton
GSM: 650 GSM.
Size: 140cm x 70cm bath towel and 90cm x 50cm hand towel

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How can you tell a good quality towel?

GSM, or grams per square metre, is the thread count of your bath towels. The higher the thread count, the more luxurious they’ll feel. You want to be looking at quality towels with a thread count of around 600gsm.

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