Rob Lowe’s Clears His Sinuses For Thanksgiving On The New ‘Hot Ones’

By Corey Atad.

Hot wings are no match for Rob Lowe.

This week, the former “Parks and Recreation” star is on the new episode of “Hot Ones”, chomping down on some extremely spicy wings, while looking back on his career.

“I like all sinus-clearing foods,” Lowe jokes at the start, before taking a bite.

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Given the kind of interview it is, host Sean Evans asks the about his claims that James Gandolfini made Tony Soprano a more human character by eating.

Lowe explains that in most movies and TV shows, actors are only ever “fake eating”, but that wasn’t the case Tony Soprano.

“His whole character was predicated on just eating like a slob, and it’s one of the greatest performances of all time,” he says.

In the meanwhile, Lowe actually handles the heat from the first few wings pretty well, so Evans asks him about his theory of comedy.

“If you’re not willing to look like a fool in comedy, you might as well not even bother,” the actor says. “And like the more of an idiot that I can look like, the more I like it.”

As he keeps going on with the hot wings, he points out Evans’ eyes are watering while his are still dry, but that soon changes as they get into the back half.

“If this was a regular show, I would be like, ‘Come powder me,’” Lowe says, as his own eyes begin to water and the sweat starts pouring.

As he takes a bit of the infamous sauce Da Bomb, Lowe exclaims, “The f**k is happening?” and adds, “It was like, fine, fine fine, kill you.”

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Eventually his tongue actually starts to go numb, prompting him to say, “I’m honestly not doing a bit,” as he slurs his words.

But Lowe soon becomes acclimated enough to the heat, though he does try to put as little of the final sauce on his wing as possible.

“I’m trying to get as much off as I can,” he says, and then takes a bite. “I’m going down.”

But he makes it through, prompting Evans to ask the all important Thanksgiving question: Do you like apple, pumpkin or pecan pie?

“All of them,” Lowe says. “That’s a Sophie’s Choice.”

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