RHOSLC: Mary Cosby On Why She’s Glad Mom is Not in Her Life

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Mary Cosby hasn’t spoken to her mother in 25 years. And according to her, it’s for the best.

After opening up about her estrangement from her mother on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Mary went into detail about why she feels it’s a blessing that she and her mom no longer speak and explained what her mother did that hurt her the most.

“It’s kind of a breath of fresh air not being [in touch with my mom] because I didn’t have to obey no one,” Mary explained on the December 13 episode of the RHOSLC: After Show.

According to Mary, her mother was overbearing and likely would have interfered with her parenting of her son, Robert Cosby Jr, who she shares with husband Robert Cosby Sr.

“If my mom had still been in my life, she would have been telling me every single thing to do. She would’ve raised my son. She would have taken everything over. She was that type and I would have let her because I respect my mom and I don’t talk back to her,” Mary revealed.

While Mary admitted that it is strange for her not to have her mom in her life, she said that after going 25 years without speaking to her, she’s gained independence and learned that she doesn’t need a mom.

Mary also said that she’s learned a good lesson from her estranged parent.

“I would never turn on my son, no matter what choices he made. Coming through 25 years of not speaking to my mom is a blessing because I learned a lot and I learned how to be a better mom to my son,” she shared. “There’s nothing there that feels like I need her.”

As for what broke the camel’s back between Mary and her mom, the RHOSLC cast member said it was her “bizarre” marriage to husband Robert, the former husband of Mary’s maternal grandmother.

“My mom kind of fell out with me with the Robert Sr. thing,” she stated. “People say, ‘Well what do you expect, of course she’s going to fall out with you because of Robert Sr.’ Of course my unconventional marriage is bizarre.”

Although Mary acknowledges that her marriage to Robert is far from normal, she said her mother should have understood her decision to marry her step-grandfather because she was following the steps God showed her — just as her mother had taught her to do.

“I was always taught, ‘If you plan your life, God’s going to change it. Because whatever He has cut out for you, that’s the path you’re gonna take.’ When I went with God first, she turned on me. And so for her to go back on what she taught me, that’s where the hurt came in,” Mary explained.

“I haven’t spoken to my mom in 25 years and it became a way of life. It became normal,” she added.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season two airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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