Ray J, Sammie, And Bobby V Blast Pleasure P For Allegedly Releasing Group’s Debut Single: ‘The Record Is Out And We Didn’t Know’

R&B singers Ray J, Sammie, and Bobby V are not too happy with their RSVP group member Pleasure P right now. The new conglomerate took to Instagram Live last night to address the release of the group’s debut single, “Money Everywhere.”

Ray J, Sammie, and Bobby V are saying they had no idea the single was being released. And also allege that the group has no proper paperwork signed nor publishing contracts completed for them to move forward with releases.

The Singers Took To Instagram Live

Ray J caught wind of the single’s release and was quick to take to his Instagram Story to rally fans.

I’m about to go live. We got to deal with some s**t. We got to deal with some s**t right now — some real s**t, right now!

All four group members joined the live stream, and the singers got right into it.

“This is a very serious matter right here,” Bobby V said.

What’s going on is that Pleasure P done put the RSVP single out, with no roll-out, no nothing and it’s out on Pleasure P Records. And it’s RSVP — we ain’t did no paperwork, we haven’t signed nothing, we haven’t did no publishing, we haven’t did anything…

“Just found out today,” Ray J adds.

Sammie then chimed in.

We haven’t done no spreadsheets, no publishing — I’m with you, Bob. The s**t say ‘Marcus Cooper’ — that’s Pleasure’s government name. We got a whole RSVP label together, we didn’t know the s**t was coming out today. We been trying to put it out since Verzuz and we been letting Pleasure lead the whole way. And this is why groups don’t work… Everybody’s talking about us and the record’s out and we didn’t know.

Sammie and Ray J go on to say that they just found out about the release of the single.

“Pleasure, you got some explaining to do, bro,” Sammie continued.

Pleasure P Claps Back

However, Pleasure P seems to refute his fellow group member’s claims.

The 37-year-old took to Instagram to share a screenshot of a promotional post on RSVP’s official Instagram account.

But nobody knew tho

Fans Have Mixed Reactions

Some fans were completely surprised, yet excited, about the group’s debut single.

While others couldn’t help but laugh at the group’s “calamity.”

Roommates, what do you think about the group’s debacle?

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