Joe Budden’s Pal Raqi Thunder Confirms ‘He’s Gay’; Threatens To Leak His Boyfriends!!

Last week, rapper Joe Budden came out the closet, telling listeners to his podcast that he’s bisexual. At the time, many speculated that Joe may just be “trolling” and wasn’t really gay or bi-sexual.

Well now one of his former best friends, Raqi Thunder, is confirming what Joe said – that he’s gay.

According to Raqi, she’s “glad that he’s finally out.” And she added that we’d all “be floored by who his real lovers are.”

Boosie confronted by gay activist

Raqi then threatened to leak the names of Joe’s alleged male lovers, saying, “Keep playing with me … I got receipts.”

Here’s what she said:

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 11.29.46 AM

Raqi and Joe were friends for nearly a decade, before the two had a very public falling out during filming of the VH1 hit reality series Love And Hip Hop.

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