Donald Trump Jr. Sold ‘Alec Baldwin Kills People’ T-Shirts Online After Halyna Hutchins’ Tragic Death – Perez Hilton

If you needed any more proof that Donald Trump Jr. is a terrible person, well, here you go…

On Monday morning, former President Donald Trump‘s namesake fail-son quietly pulled an absolutely disgusting T-shirt off his online shop page after fans and public figures rightfully called him out for making light of a tragedy.

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Don Jr. had been selling $27.99 t-shirts on his website — and advertising them on Instagram — that had this terrible, tone-deaf message written across the front in ALL CAPS (below):



‘Classless’ isn’t even the right word for this level of disgusting behavior on Don Jr.’s part. It’s good that he was publicly shamed into pulling the shirt off his online store, but seriously, how dumb do you have to be to make it available for sale in the first place?? (Also, vomit-inducing content aside, who TF would pay 28 bucks for a t-shirt from Don Jr.?!)

Of course, that t-shirt message is a (completely inappropriate) reference to the shooting tragedy on the set of the movie Rust last week. As we’ve been reporting, Baldwin accidentally and tragically shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with what should have been a prop gun during filming for a scene in the western on location in New Mexico.

One thing has repeatedly been made clear from early reports these past few days: Baldwin was not acting intentionally or with malice. And as we’ve noted, he is as devastated as everybody else on the set of Rust in the aftermath of Hutchins’ tragic and shocking accidental death.

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It’s completely beyond the pale that Don Jr. would try to profit off a tragedy like this by selling t-shirts. We don’t expect much from the former President’s moron son, but this… this is really bad.

He didn’t stop there, either.

Throughout Sunday and into Monday, Don Jr. also posted these wildly inappropriate and tasteless Baldwin-related memes to his Instagram account (below):


Don Jr. is openly making fun of a person’s tragic death while also mocking the person who will hold the trauma of accidentally killing a person after being told he was handling a cold gun (meaning, it shouldn’t have had ammunition).

And because of what, exactly?! Is he mad that Baldwin made fun of his dad on Saturday Night Live? What a snowflake.

F**k you forever, Don Jr., you classless piece of s**t.

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