Dolly Parton Takes On Twitter Red Flag Trend

By Jamie Samhan.

Dolly Parton was quick to jump on the latest Twitter trend and definitely won it already.

On Monday, the red flag trend started as people would post a questionable quote or opinion followed by the red flag emoji as a warning.

Parton took to the social media site on Wednesday to share lyrics from her hit “Jolene”.

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“When her beauty is beyond compare with flaming locks of auburn hair,” she wrote.

The lyrics from “Jolene” are about her begging another woman to not steal her man.

Parton is active on Twitter, but it recently appeared that she had joined TikTok.

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Fans got excited with a video that seemed to be Parton but it was later revealed to be a fake.

Speaking to “Today”, a spokesperson for the country star said that an unverified user had posted a video from Parton’s Imagination Library site and “doctored it.”

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