Ari Fletcher Reveals Plans To Give Back To Domestic Violence Victims And Women’s Shelters

Ari Fletcher is hoping to be of service to the ladies! This time Ari’s focus seems to be women residing in shelters and victims of domestic violence. The social media influencer recently told Nyla Symone on Power 105.1 that she has plans to start a non-profit and is partnering with FashionNova to help the vulnerable groups named.

A Giveaway On The Way 

“I’m teaming with FashionNova…I’m doing a giveback for like some women’s shelters and also for domestic violence [victims],” Ari said.

In response, Nyla tells Ari her idea is “super dope” and she loves it. Afterwards, Nyla follows up with the comment, “…taking care of the ladies, we definitely can use all the support we gotta be united right now.”

“Yes we do,” Ari responded with a slight chuckle and repeat of the phrase.

The interview rings different to folks who saw Ari’s week-old rant on Instagram Live about domestic violence stories. During a previous interview, Ari detailed that she and MoneyBagg Yo have a real adult-like, communicative relationship. However, that wasn’t always the case for Ari, who said she also had toxic traits early in their relationship and past relationships.

Previous Comments About Domestic Violence Victims

After the interview dropped, Ari faced backlash for what folks thought was glorifying toxicity. So, she took to Instagram Live to defend her comments. But, what happened instead was additional backlash–this time for bashing domestic violence victims.

“Two, y’all are in the comments, like ‘oh when I was in a relationship this boy’…nobody cares, nobody cares, nobody cares,” Ari said. “Nobody cares about what happened to you, what trauma you…nobody cares. You trying to victimize yourself…”

She continued with the message saying “we do not/don’t care at all. Not long afterwards, social media users noticed Ari’s profile on SavageXFenty’s website was removed. This sparked rumors about her being released from the brand for her comments, but this has not yet been confirmed.

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