DWP urged to replace Universal Credit and guarantee Britons get £654 a month

Mr Orton said: “The pandemic showed that when times were tough it was unpaid carers, supermarket workers and others on low incomes who kept our society going.

“It (the pandemic) also showed that if we choose to, we can provide social security for everyone.

“However, the recent cut to Universal Credit means the Government is headed in the wrong direction. With a cost of living crisis looming in 2022, it doesn’t have to be like this.”

On the plight of disabled DWP claimants, Ellen Morrison, the Social Security Commission’s co-chair, explained why the current system is not “fit for purpose”.

Ms Morrison said: “How can I be assessed as eligible for a higher rate of Employment Support Allowance but now I’m in a relationship, the Government expects me to rely on my partner’s income?

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