Bitcoin price prediction: FOUR incoming milestones for BTC as investors question next move

Could Bitcoin reach $100,000?

Investors are most excited to see whether Bitcoin can become the first cryptocurrency to cross the six-figure threshold.

The coin has blasted through the $1 (£0.73), $10 (£7.27), $100 (£72.67), $1,000 (£726.74) and $10,000 (£7,267.44) marks before all of its competitors, and it is conceivable that it could eventually cross $100,000 (£72,674.42) too.

In theory, all it would need to do is repeat its rally in 2021 and add another $50,000 to its value.

But experts believe it will ultimately take a little longer, with Nigel Frith, lead analyst at, telling it could take until 2023.

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