Stellantis ponders vehicle software options

Upgrading EVs on the fly is one thing consumers would see value in, said Yves Bonnefont, chief software officer for Stellantis. He believes owners would pay extra for autonomous technology enhancements as well.

“You can improve the range of the vehicle by continuously improving the algorithms to manage both regenerative braking and the management of the powertrain overall, the battery or the inverter,” he told Automotive News. “Then we can [over-the-air] those things, and I think this has a value for the customer. There will be a number of customers willing to pay to increase the range of their vehicle as the technology advances, and we can tune our algorithms, which we will do on a continuous basis.”

Stellantis aims to bring in $23 billion in revenue from software-based offerings by 2030. The company said it has 12 million “monetizable connected cars” globally right now and expects to more than double that to 26 million by 2026 before reaching 34 million by 2030.

Boasting an evolving suite of what Bonnefont calls on-demand features would give used-vehicle buyers a quick way to add capabilities. “We can better support the relationship with the customer during the ownership of the vehicle,” he said, and “increase their loyalty in terms of vehicle maintenance.”

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