Primary school teacher cured type 2 diabetes within 12 weeks Buzz News

Primary school teacher cured type 2 diabetes within 12 weeks

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Weighing 14 stone at the time, 48-year-old Jen revealed she had put on weight during the pandemic for a variety of reasons.

“My eating became very disorganized,” reflected Jen. “I was looking after my elderly mother and doing the shopping and cooking for two households.”

Jen admits: “I became a low priority and took to whatever food was convenient, usually carb-heavy and processed foods.”

Londoners felt lethargic and overall awful, but they “constantly thought about food”.

“I succumbed to a fad,” she admitted. “I was out of control”.

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One of the telltale signs of type 2 diabetes, explains the NHS, is polyphagia – excessive hunger.

Once the lockdown restrictions were lifted, a quick blood test at the doctor’s clinic revealed that Jane had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

“I was devastated,” Jane said. “My doctor recommended a low-calorie diet for the purpose of remission.”

Diabetes UK Confirms that diabetes remission is achieved by maintaining blood glucose levels below the diabetic threshold without the use of glucose-lowering medication.

“I started Accent [shakes],” Jen said, adding that she’ll have a shake for breakfast and lunch as well as a healthy evening meal.

The primary school teacher said: “I wasn’t in the right position to be constantly shopping and planning meals for myself, as well as my mum and my family.

“The Xante shake meant I always had the freedom to think about meals and plan up to nine meals a day.

“It meant I could focus on my one meal in the evening and really enjoy it.”

Jen found that the Exante shakes would satisfy her appetite, and she found the plan “so convenient” to follow.

After three months, Jane had lost 2.7lbs – and her blood sugar levels had dropped enough that she had achieved remission.

“I wasn’t even in the pre-diabetic range,” Jen said with a smile. “The relief was amazing and I have a real sense of accomplishment.”

Jen continues: “The Exante shake has given me my life back. It’s the only diet I’ve stuck with for more than a few weeks, and the results speak for themselves.”