Offset says Cardi B inspired him to quit codeine Buzz News

Offset says Cardi B inspired him to quit codeine

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Offset and Cardi B’s bond seems to be stronger than ever. “She always supported me, right or wrong,” Offset shared in an interview on May 26. Diversity, “We’re both on the same mission to make each other better.”

In the feature, he calls his wife his “best friend” and reveals that she inspired him to stop taking codeine. “I got lean,” Offset said, referencing drinks that mixed codeine with other substances. “I’d been drinking my whole career. It opened my mind, but I never thought it would help me make it. I guess I’ve got to get over that, clean up and put that message out there.”

Offset said he often looks to his wife for advice. “Social is her strong point, so I listen to her social advice. And me, it’s music, but I play behind the scenes; it’s my wife so I want to make sure she wins.” “We are a great team. We are a powerhouse at this point – icon status. We believe in God. We believe in family. We will always win.”

Cardi also spoke to Variety about her husband and complimented him on how wonderful he is. “What I appreciate about my husband is that no matter what I face personally or professionally, I know he will take care of me and our family,” she said. “It’s handled. I know I have a man who really has my back.”

Offset and Cardi married in 2017 and welcomed their first child, Kulture, in 2018. 2021. During January 2023 appearance on “The Jason Lee Show” Cardi shared that Offset’s dedication to self-improvement helped save their relationship.

“The main thing is I wanted him to stop and everything, he stopped, and he changed,” she said. “It let me know that he wanted to change for me.”