Ciara’s waist-length hair is giving off pageant queen vibes — see the pics Buzz News

Ciara’s waist-length hair is giving off pageant queen vibes — see the pics

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Back on May 15, Ciara was serving up all the volume with her sleek blunt bob, proving that short hair isn’t off limits to what some people think. But body party The singer is clearly trying to go for the Who Has the Highest Hair Games gold with her latest look that was just as glamorous, loaded with volume — and at least twice as long.

She gave fans a quick look at her new, longer hair in a short clip she posted on May 23. Dressed only in a robe and gold jewellery, she showed off her impressively high hairdo which was styled with no side part. There’s something so glamorous about how simple and stunning this style is. It’s almost as if it was the second day of a major blowout and she just woke up and ran her hands through her hair — though I imagine there was a lot of hairspray and teasing involved as well.

Ciara wore this waist-grazing style for an appearance on QVC to talk about her skin care line OAM, which probably explains the light makeup she’s wearing: Her brows plucked to perfection She has a smudge of black eyeliner on her lids, and a light pink lip gloss on her lips.

You can only see her nails for a split second, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice that her long, almond-shaped ends were nude pink on one hand and deep black on the other.

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Clearly, Ciara has been all about volume lately, but I know this style won’t be here for long. In the meantime, I’m admiring every inch of this voluminous hairdo.

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